Agent C is a standard member of the Alpha Team. He's skilled in computers, engineering and sharpshooting. His past before joining the Alpha Team is a mystery. He is known only by his code letter

In the Alpha TeamEdit

Shortly after joining, Agent C was sent to rescue Alpha Team agent Will Splight. A while later he joined with Agent B, David Norman, Zenna and Duke and headed out on a reconnaisance mission to the Sargasso Sea. But they were ambushed and had to abandon their sub. Agent B was separated from the group then, with the rest escaping in a mini-sub. They were then picked up by an Ogel sub. They were locked in the cargo hold, but were able to capture the captain. B then entered the sub and attacked the crew which started a fight between the sub crew and the agents. They took control of the sub, and were taken by helicopter to Lego City. Later, Agent C, B and a few other agent performed a hit and run attack on Ogel Island. They forgot Alpha Team agent Knuckles their and they returned to rescue him.

To be continued...

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