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Monty PythonEdit

  • The Drill Sergeant has a habit of making people march up and down the square, which was inspired by a sketch from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. His lessons on defence against fresh fruit were also inspired by a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus
  • Zenna's attempts to complain about the way Alpha Team was treating rookie agents resulted in a similar series of events to Monty Python's Argument Clinic sketch, in that she ran discovered that the complaints department was where someone goes to listen to a proffessional complainer, and she also ran into being hit on the head lessons.
  • One of Zenna's first missions was to investigate a strange organization known as the "RSOPTOTOOT". It ultimately turned out that "RSOPTOTOOT" actually stood for Royal Society For Putting Things on Top of Other Things , in a similar manner to the sketch, the meeting ended with someone pointing out how silly the organization was, prompting the president to end it.

Video GamesEdit

Other RPGsEdit

Dino AttackEdit


A number of characters from the Dino Attack RPG have also appeared in the Alpha Team RPG

  • A number of players in the Alpha Team RPG who were also in the Dino Attack RPG use characters from it. Atton Rand and Imperial Officer both play as younger versions of their primary characters from the Dino Attack RPG (Zenna and David Norman, repectively). PeabodySam plays as Frozeen, an important NPC in the Dino Attack RPG, (his primary character in the Rex , wasmost likely not yet born at the time the Alpha Team RPG takes place). TakunuvaC01 plays as Magma, his original primary character in the Dino Attack RPG
  • While recieving a medical check-up, Zenna met up with a doctor who introduced himself as Dr. Alan Pierce who later would become a prominent companion of Zenna and play a small role in ending the idealist-realist feud, and would later go play a larger role in the retaking of Adventurers Island, both of which were key points in the Dino Attack RPG's storyline
  • As it takes place in the same continuity, Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand portrays the Agents Defence Organization as a rival to Alpha Team, much like in the Dino Attack RPG. Some of the agents who played a role in the Dino Attack RPG have made cameos.

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