Antarctica is the southernmost continent of the LEGO Planet.

History Edit

Antarctica is thought to once be part of a massive continent of the LEGO Planet before splitting off. Continental drift carried Antarctica to the south pole, where it faced the coldest climate of the planet. In response, Antarctica's wildlife adapted to the climate, resulting in many species including penguins, seals, whales, and Ice Snakes. For many years, Antarctica remained undisturbed by Minifigkind, deemed too cold to make a living.

Mission Deep FreezeEdit

Evil Ogel constructed his Mountain Fortress precisely at the south pole, the coldest spot in the world.  In 2003, as preparation for his plan to freeze the world and time itself, Evil Ogel heavily expanded the base and built many faux Mountain Fortresses to confuse the Alpha Team.  When Alpha Team discovered Ogel's plot, they responded by constructing a headquarters of their own.

Antarctica was the home to many battles between the Alpha Team and Evil Ogel's forces.  Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions resulting from Ogel's mining activities in the continent endangered both sides.  However, eventually Alpha Team located the one true Mountain Fortress and launched a massive attack.  They were too late, as Evil Ogel fired his Time Freeze Ray, freezing Antarctica, the entire LEGO Planet, and even time itself.

Luckily, Alpha Team Special Agent Zed arrived in a Blizzard Blaster, freed the Alpha Team from the ice blocks in which they were trapped, and challenged Ogel to a fight.  The resulting battle between Zed's Blizzard Blaster and Evil Ogel's Scorpion Orb Launcher ended with Zed victorious, and time was unfrozen.

Ogel's Last Stand Edit

To be expanded...

Major Locations Edit


Alpha Team Antarctic Base

Alpha Team Antarctic Base Edit

Constructed during Mission Deep Freeze in 2004-2005, the Alpha Team base on Antarctica was the staging ground for a massive attack against Ogel in 2004. It was neglected but later reinforced during 2008 when Ogel reactivated his Antarctic base. It is rather large and well-defended. Alpha Team maintains a fleet of arctic combat vehicles here.

Ogel's Mountain Fortress

Ogel's Mountain Fortress Edit

A massive mountain at the location of the South Pole, Evil Ogel constructed this fortress when he originally rose to power, but heavily expanded it in 2003 after he switched his plan to freezing time itself. The base could support thousands of Drones, hundreds of vehicles, was well armed, and surrounded by a temporal shield that was resistant to the time freezing device Ogel created. At this base, Ogel produced Ice Orbs to freeze the world and freeze time.

It was assaulted by Alpha Team many times in 2004, and in December of that year the entire team was captured by Ogel, who proceeded to freeze time. However, Alpha Team Special Agent Zed traveled to Antarctica in a shielded Blizzard Blaster and obliterated much of the fortress, giving Ogel his worst defeat ever, unfreezing time, and rescuing Alpha Team. The fortress was searched by Alpha Team, melted down, and abandoned as Alpha Team retreated from Antarctica.

Evil Ogel retook control of the base in 2008 during his return, repairing and rebuilding it after Agent Zed's attack.

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