Covert was a Colonel in the Agents Intelligence Division. She frequently clashed with Alpha Team and specifically Special Agent Magma.

Biography Edit

Pre-Agents Life Edit

Joining the Agents Edit

Covert, due to her skills in combat, was assigned to lead a team to arrest Alpha Team Special Operations Agents. The philosophy that created the Agents and was predominant in LEGO City at that time was anti-black ops, and viewed many of the ATSO Agents as criminals, even though their missions were fully authorized by Alpha Team. Her first target was Agent Magma, currently performing a secret mission- attempting to assasinate Dr. Inferno before he could become a big a thread as Evil Ogel.

Magma had not heard of the creation of the Agents team, and assumed at first this was some attempt at retribution by his enemies, or some attempt by Dr. Inferno to stop him. Covert foolishly attempt to arrest Magma, and her actions stopped him from assassinating Dr. Inferno. Magma responded to this by severly injuring four agents in short succession and wounding another. Covert was able to hold her own against Magma for some time until Agent Zed sent a message to Magma ordering him to stand down. It was the beginning of a long clash between Covert and Magma.

Siege of Ogel's Mountain FortressEdit

Covert was kept busy by seting up the Agents team, and therefore did not encounter Magma again until Alpha Team made plans to besiege Ogel's Mountain Fortress. Shortly before the attack began, her department (Agents Intelligence) received an anonymous tip claiming that Inferno and Alpha Team had made an alliance. She passed it on to Agents Command, and then sent Lieutenant Knock to spy on the battle and verify the claim. In the mean time, Covert readied an attack force of Agents, which would be deployed near Antarctica, ready to strike should Knock confirm the tip.

Unfortunately for Alpha Team, Agent Spilight secretly negotiated an alliance with Inferno against Ogel. While this was done without any approval from Alpha Team leadership, Knock interpreted this as confirmation that AT had become corrupt and allied with a villain. He sent confirmation to Covert.

Covert was delighted at the chance to deal with AT through force, and ordered an immediate attack. Her forces quickly reached Ogel's Mountain Fortress, where she had a heated argument with Magma, who was commanding the attack force. Magma tried to argue that this was not an action endorsed by Alpha Team, but Covert ignored him, comparing AT to MSO and calling Spilight "the latest in a long line of Kotuas". Covert then terminated the conversation and ordered the Agents to attack.

Traits and AbilitiesEdit

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