Professor David Norman is a scientist and also a member of Alpha Team.

Biography Edit

David's Early life Edit

David was born in 1973 and from the start showed great understanding of science, being educated in Cambridge University and earning his Doctor's certificate their. Soon after, he moved to LEGO City. He also met another scientist, Dr Smith, and together they built a lab.

Alpha Team Edit

It is also known that in 2008 he signed up to become an Alpha Team agent. When he and Zenna captured some Agents files, they were promoted to Standard Agents.

A noteworthy event occured when David was sent up to the Orbiting Satellite Headquarters. During a stand-off inbetween and Alpha Team agent and Nykrolt, section 3's plating was badly damaged, so David, Etmon, Duke and Mara had to escape in an escape pod.

Mission to AntarcticaEdit

A while after that, David was sent to Antarctica to help defend a temporary base. However, the boat to Antarctica was hijacked by the Agents, who were very annoyed that Alpha Team and Dr. Inferno's henchmen had formed an alliance against Ogel. (The official explanation was that David was planning to detonate a bomb) As such, David was put in a prison in Antarctica.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

David is quite friendly, but hates large crowds and noise. He is a chemist and can figure out how to operate very complicated machinery and make complicated sums.

Trivia Edit

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