Dr. Inferno
is an evil mad scientist who plans to conquer the world.

Biography Edit

In 2008, Evil Ogel had not been heard from in years, so he was suspected to have either died or given up.  In that time, Dr. Inferno came up with an evil plan to take over the LEGO Planet.  He rounded up a gang of mutants and cyborgs, including Saw Fist, Gold Tooth, Spy Clops, Break Jaw, Slime Face, Fire Arm, and Claw-Dette.  However, since Dr. Inferno was not nearly as rich as Evil Ogel, he needed to make some quick money.  Thus, he sent Saw Fist to steal an Energy Crystal in a snowy environment, Gold Tooth and Break Jaw to find some gold bars in the Amazon, and Slime Face to find some deep-sea treasure.  Once he had enough money, he built his Volcano Base guarded by Spy Clops, Fire Arm, and Claw-Dette, and put his plans in motion to build a giant laser cannon.

Needless to say, aside from Dr. Inferno and his followers, nobody was enthusiastic about his evil plans.  A new organization of Agents formed to combat Dr. Inferno and foil his plans.  Evil Ogel returned, furious that someone else would dare to try and take over the world, resulting in a bitter rivalry between the two villains.  Having to concentrate his forces on both Agents and Ogel Drones, Dr. Inferno became stressed and did not have much success.

Recently, Dr. Inferno led a raid upon the Goo Caverns. However, this raid was not particularly successful and led to the defection of some of his henchmen, including Cyber-Bully. However, Dr. Inferno has met a powerful ally that one day may prove a threat to both Alpha Team and Evil Ogel.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Dr. Inferno's left arm is completely mechanical. It also doubles as a flamethrower.

Dr. Inferno is a mad scientist, bent upon conquering the world. However, unlike Evil Ogel, he does it in a quiet fashion, secretly stealing treasures and resources and quietly recruiting new agents. He is apparently gold-crazy, constantly coming up with schemes to get more money. Often, Dr. Inferno shows his cunning, deceptive side. It is hinted that he is also an egotistical maniac.

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