The Drill Sergeant is one of Alpha Team's training instructors.


The Drill Sergeant prefers to run training in a military fashion. He always shouts whatever he has to say, regardless of who he is adressing- he would address Dash Justice just as he would address a new recruit. He refuses to stop shouting, claiming that it is his job "to yell at people". He often insults rookies, calling them "maggots". His favorite activity is to force recruits to "March up and down the Square". He is also in charge of training recruits to defend themselves against an enemy who attacks them with a piece of fresh fruit


  • The character is also similar to an NPC in the Dino Attack RPG- Soldier, a member of the Second Headquarters Squad in that RPG, who similarily constantly shouts and enjoys making people march up and down the square. This is largely a coincidence, as the Drill Sergeant and Soldier were drawn from different sources (although both drew inspiration from the same Monty Python Sketch). The Drill Sergeant teaching defence against fruit was partly introduced to distance him from Soldier

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