Grease is a very snobby Agent.

Biography Edit

Agents Edit

In 2008, Grease was recruited into the Agents Defense Organization, which was to replace the Alpha Team.  He was selected to negotiate with Frozeen a possible merging of the two organizations to end inter-agency rivalry.  However, Grease's snobby attitude made negotiations difficult, and when he suggested that Frozeen's father may have betrayed Alpha Team instead of simply disappearing, Frozeen attacked him and tried to strangle him to death.

However, security guards in the building ran to Grease's aid, knocking Frozeen unconscious and helping the Agent back to his feet.  Grease made sure that Frozeen would receive a punishment for attacking him.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Grease is known for his oily shoulder-length hair. He has a crooked mustache, which too is oily. Grease's mouth always seems to be twisted in a sneer.

Grease is hated by Alpha Team agents for his very rude and snobby personality. He is aware that the Agents Defense Organization was to replace Alpha Team, and makes sure he mentions that in every conversation he has with an Alpha Team agent. He also goes out of his way to insult others. While easily frightened, Grease often covers up his fear with made-up excuses.

Trivia Edit

  • Similarities were drawn between Grease and Mayonnaise Quirke of the Discworld series. However, this was pure coincidence, as PeabodySam had never read the Discworld series.

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