Knock was a Lieutenant in the Agents Defense Organization, and he served Agents Intelligence as a spy. While unpleasant and cowardly, he nevertheless did his job quite well.


Siege of Ogel's Mountain FortressEdit

Knock was assigned by Colonel Covert to spy on the battle at [[Ogel's Mountain Fortress] between Alpha Team, Evil Ogel's armies, and Dr. Inferno's armies. His orders were to determine whether or not it was true that AT and Inferno had formed an alliance. To achieve this, Knock travelled to Antarctica, ostensibly bringing supplies for Alpha Team's Antarctic HQ, and planted bugs on AT vehicles.

During the battle, Knock intercepted a transmission from Inferno saying he had made peace with Alpha Team thanks to the efforts of Agent William Orson Splight. While this was done behind Dash Justice's back, Knock nevertheless accepted this as confirmation and told Covert that the rumor was confirmed. Covert then responded by ordering the Agents to join the fight, to attack Alpha Team and Dr. Inferno.

Knock declined to participate in this attack, and instead remained in hiding and continued to gather intelligence.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Knock is a coward, but only when he can get away with it. He prefers to avoid direct combat when he can get away it, and he prefers to take assignments not involving fighting. That's why he's most comfortable watching a battle from afar and relaying reports about it to his superiors, rather than participating in the battle. But if he can't find a way to get an assignment like this, he will fight, and often with surprising skill. He can be very snobby and cruel to people, but again, only when he can get away with it.

He was willing to actually work with Alpha Team when the Agents first recruited him. However, Alpha Team's terrible actions toward the Agents (at least, as he sees them) have made him hate AT.

Knock does have some skills, however. He's pretty good with technology and using it for undercover work. He's good at stealth, is a fast runner, which makes him an excellent spy. He's a good liar, and good at making up cover stories for himself (for instance, he pretended to be supplying Alpha Team with tech when in fact he was setting up bugs on their vehicles). He can be a good fighter too, when he is forced to be. These skills make up for his terrible personality, at least in the mind of his superiors.


  • TakunuvaC01 named him as a reference to the Discworld character Winsborough Knock (from Terry Pratchett's book Night Watch). This is because members of the AT RPG who have read the Discworld books (specifically, TC01 and Jackson Lake) compared another Agent to another Discworld character, Quirke. Both Quirke and Knock served in the same organization (the Watch), and were similar in nature, hence the reference.

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