LEGO City is one of the largest cities of the LEGO Planet.

History Edit

LEGO City was founded in 2005. A Fire Department and a Police Department were both formed quickly to deal with fire and criminals, and the first Fire Station and Police Station were built. Meanwhile, construction crews found jobs in building the rest of the city, and throughout 2005 the construction of LEGO City became a major project.

In 2006, in addition to the Fire Station and Police Station, one of the first Hospitals in years was constructed in LEGO City. Railroads and train stations were added to the ever-expanding city, along with an Airport. Minifigs began to move into this new city.

In 2007, Minifigs really began to move into LEGO City. As a result, the Fire Department expanded and a newer, larger Fire Station was built. Train tracks lengthened and another train station was added. Octan Service Stations were built, along with the LEGO City Harbor. Recycle Trucks and Cement Mixers were put out onto the streets, and the new LEGO Cargo company utilized the Container Stacker and the Heavy Hauler.

As the Minifig population grew in 2008, the Coastguard was added to the popular LEGO City beach, where they built the Coast Guard Platform and Tower. The LEGO Cargo company used trucks, forklifts, and planes to deliver their packages, while mail was delivered in vans and small planes. The Police Department expanded as well, with the construction of a larger Police Headquarters. In addition, the Agents set up their main headquarters in a hidden part of the city.

Major Locations Edit

Alpha Team LEGO City Headquarters Edit

To be expanded...

Agents Headquarters Edit

To be expanded...

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