This is a complete list of all Alpha Team agents.

Team Leader Edit

Obviously, the Team Leader is the one Alpha Team agent who commands the team.

Dash Justice Edit

Dash Justice is a noble, resourceful, and fearless leader.

Elite Commando Agents Edit

The Elite Commando Agents are some of the highest-ranking Alpha Team agents, most of which have been with Alpha Team since the team was first founded.

Arrow Edit

Arrow is a skilled mechanic of the Alpha Team.

Cam Attaway Edit

Cam's expertise is in the field of motors and belts.

Charge Edit

Charge is skilled with electric machinery.

Crunch Edit

Crunch is the team's explosives expert.

Diamond Tooth Edit

Diamond Tooth is a miner for the Alpha Team.

Flex Edit

Flex primarily works with anything that involves ropes.

Gearbox Edit

Gearbox is the Alpha Team's vehicle designer.

Radia Edit

Radia is a brilliant laser expert.

Tee Vee Edit

Tee Vee is a droid assigned to work with the Alpha Team.

Special Agents Edit

The Special Agent rank is about the same level as the Elite Commando Agent, but is reserved for agents who have proven themselves beyond exceptional. They are primarily sent on special operations missions.

Zed Edit

Zed is best known for saving the Alpha Team at the end of Mission Deep Freeze.

Magma Edit

Magma is skilled with technology and often sent on black operations missions.

Elite Agents Edit

When a Standard Agent performs exceptionally, he is generally promoted to Elite Agent status. He is well-respected among the team and entrusted to use most Alpha Team vehicles.


Mythic is a talented historian and pilot.

William Orson SplightEdit

Will specializes in oceanography and SCUBA diving.

Standard Agents Edit

Alpha Team is mostly comprised of Standard Agents. They are allowed to use many vehicles of the Alpha Team, but are unable to use those restricted for Elite Agents and Special Agents.

Artix Edit

Artix is an expert swordsman and an excellent sniper.

B Edit

Agent B is a technological genius and a bit of a jokester.

C Edit

Agent C is skilled with computers, engineering, and sharpshooting.

David Norman Edit

Dr. David Norman is a friendly scientist who graduated from Cambridge University.

Duke Edit

Duke is a weapon specialist infamous for his dual personality.

Knight Edit

Knight is an excellent pilot and an optimist.

Mara Edit

Mara is Duke's sister and a skilled hacker and medic.

Swerve Edit

Swerve is most comfortable when he's off the ground.

Xero Edit

Xero is a loner who rarely works with other agents.

Zenna Edit

Zenna is a good pilot with some medical experience.

Rookie Agents Edit

Rookie Agents are Alpha Team agents who just joined the team and are still in training. In rare cases, an Alpha Team agent might be demoted to Rookie Agent rank.

Author Edit

Author is smart, crafty, brave, and paranoid.

Econ Edit

Econ is skilled with sharpshooting, analyzing, and melee combat.

Frozeen Edit

Frozeen is a skilled miner, but was demoted to Rookie Agent status after attacking Grease.

Jacob Gorinby Edit

Jacob Gorinby is a persuasive whiz with computers.

Revan Edit

Revan is a friendly yet arrogant swordsman.

Shock Edit

Shock is a computer hacker and an explosives expert.

Spook Edit

Spook is a stealth and infiltration expert.

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