is an Alpha Team Special Agent.

Biography Edit

Civilian Life Edit

Little is known of Magma's life before he joined Alpha Team. Because he is currently a special agent, Alpha Team have deleted all records relating to his life, including his real name. Only Magma and his fellow Special Agents know where he came from before this. He may not even know, as he has suffered his share of traumas throughout the years on missions.

What is known is that he had a brother who also joined Alpha Team. His brother was code-named Glacier. But Glacier's files and records were also classified after Glacier betrayed Alpha Team (and fled to Pirate Island using a Time Cruiser) and doubly classified when Magma became a Special Agent.

Alpha Team Edit

Magma enlisted in Alpha Team during the Ogel War of 2001-2002, and he finished his training just as the battle underwater was wrapping up. Magma was assigned to a group of Agents deployed to secure the underwater region and neutralize any of Ogel's forces that were left behind. While there, he helped invent many new devices and analyzed Ogel's technology. While posted here, he befriended Agents Shark and Sting, who were posted to similar teams. The three would continue to work together throughout the years.

Early in 2004, while other teams were pulled from the Sargasso Seas to go to the desert to work in Mission Deep Freeze, Magma, Shark, and Sting remained, neutralizing any resurgent underwater forces. For instance, a Super Sea Drone and a small group of Sea Drones and Ice Drones were working on building ice orbs underwater. Magma and other agents helped to drive these Drones back and destroy their Ice Orb factory.

However, after Ogel's fortress was discovered in Antarctica, Magma's team was ordered to join the rest of Mission Deep Freeze. He was the first to arrive- Shark, Sting, and the others operating underwater followed soon after.

Mission Deep FreezeEdit

To be continued...

The AgentsEdit

In 2008, Alpha Team's intelligence had discovered a new villain, Dr. Inferno, who was preparing to try and take over the world. Not willing to fight another long war, like they did against Ogel, Alpha Team launched a two-pronged attack. First, a strike team attacked Inferno's main base, and many of Inferno's henchmen from other bases were dispatched to help defend it. Then, Magma was dispatched to capture Inferno if possible- and kill him if absolutely necessary.

Magma easily sneaked into the small outpost that Dr. Inferno was currently located at. He found Inferno too-well guarded to capture, and so decided to shoot him at range. Just before he fired, someone knocked him to the ground.

He discovered that the newly-formed Agents, who he had never heard of, were mounting an attack on the base. An elite team under the command of one Colonel Covert was sent to arrest Magma for illegal operations (the Agents wanted to arrest all black ops agents). Magma did not recognize Covert's authority, and saw only that she had ruined his one chance to stop Inferno. He attacked her team, incapacitating several of them easily. Covert proved to be a stronger opponent, and the two fought for some time until Agent Zed sent Magma a message ordering him to stand down.

This fight was the beginning of a long rivalry between Magma and Covert, and also the beginning of a deep hatred of the Agents.

Ogel's Last StandEdit

After returning to Alpha Team's Island HQ, Magma discovered that Ogel had returned. Zed and Dash ordered him to lead Alpha Team's effort to track Ogel down, discover Ogel's true base and plan, and stop Ogel's plan- whatever it might be.

Magma decided to start in Antarctica, and travelled to the Alpha Team Antarctic HQ. From here, he ordered Shark and Sting to proceed to Ogel's Underwater Base and aid rookie Agent Knight in rescing rookie Agent Duke. Before he could make any more plans, however, he received an urgent message that General Evil himself had been spotted in Antarctica, hunting Alpha Team agents. Magma rushed to the hangar and flew his Blizzard Blaster off to battle Evil in his Scorpion Orb Launcher. The two quickly did massive amounts of damage to each others' vehicles and fought themselves into a stalemate.

When Generail Evil's damaged Scorpion Orb Launcher threw itself onto Magma's Blizzard Blaster (which had been reconfigured into Ice Shark mode), Magma desperately accelerated towards the Antarctic HQ. Magma's plan was to bring General Evil and his damaged Orb Launcher to Antarctic HQ, where the AT Agents there could take care of him (assuming General Evil didn't destroy his vehicle before it could be realized). General Evil figured out what Magma was trying to do and managed to seperate the two vehicles. Magma then was barely able to get the heavily damaged Blizzard Blaster back to HQ.

Infiltrating Ogel IslandEdit

During this battle, another Alpha Team Agent had organized a raid on Ogel's Undersea Base. Magma had been unaware of this attack, and had nothing to do with planning it. Agent Zed, who was worried that Magma was not being a good leader, decided to step in. Zed suggested Magma plan a raid on Ogel Island, and also suggested that Magma use the distraction of the underwater raid to infiltrate Ogel Island and gather intelligence. Magma agreed, and temporarily exchanged his Blizzard Blaster for an Alpha Team Navigator. He had his robot assistant, Cee Dee, download himself into an Alpha Team probe body.

Magma piloted the Navigator to Ogel's Undersea Base, where a large battle was going on. He found Ogel's Trouble Sub sneaking away and pulled up behind it. Cee Dee deployed and drilled a hole in the ship- a hole that Magma, in underwater gear, could sneak through. Once Magma was onboard, he killed a Sea Drone guard and outfitted himself in the Drone's armor. He then merely waited for the Trouble Sub to reach the Goo Caverns; from where he would sneak onboard the Trouble Train and into Ogel Island.

As it turned out, agents of Dr. Inferno had picked that moment to attack the Goo Caverns. His infiltrators sabotaged a large number of Earthquake Orbs, which caused chaos and destabilized caverns near Ogel's main underground headquarters. Due to this attack, Magma was easily able to sneak onboard the Trouble Train and reached Ogel Island without any problems. Once on Ogel Island, he again disguised himself as a Sea Drone, this time as one numbered A4-G9. He pretended to be a soldier under Super Sea Drone A-132, and was able to retrieve information about Ogel Island's defenses.

However, he discovered that two other Alpha Team agents, Duke and Mara, were being held prisoner on Ogel Island. Magma freed them, but this gave away his identity. He allowed them to escape while he fought off an elite squad of Space Drone commandos (whose numbers included S-71). Eventually, he too was able to escape, to Island HQ, where he delivered his report.

Raid on Ogel IslandEdit

Based on the intelligence he had gathered, Magma devised a plan to raid Ogel Island and hopefully slow Mind Control Orb production. It would be a two-pronged assault. The first group would be split into a naval and aerial attack wing- the naval wing would shell the island from the shore and the aerial wing would bomb it from the air. Magma himself would be leading these attacks. The second group consisted of an elite team that would blast open a hole into the tunnel linking the Goo Caverns and tunnel their way to Ogel Island. This attack would be completely unexpected, and hopefully would be able to cause massive damage.

While the attacks were successful, they were not quite as successful as Magma hoped. Orb production was set back, and Ogel's redevelopment was also set back, but neither was completely halted. The defenders were powerful enough to repel the first attack wing. The second attack wing was also repelled, although it caused much more damage than the first.

Siege of Ogel's Mountain FortressEdit

As a result, Magma realized that Alpha Team needed to use far more firepower than they had used in the raid on Ogel Island. He changed his plans- rather than raid Ogel's bases, he would concentrate nearly all of Alpha Team on one base at a time, attempting to destroy each one. Magma selected Ogel's Mountain Fortress as his first target. He chose it for two reasons- one, because it was far away from Ogel's other bases, and two, because if Ogel could get it fully operational it might become Ogel's most powerful base. Magma resolved to stop him before this happened.

Magma's initial strategy involved staging a series of hit-and-run attacks at various Ogel fortresses to distract Ogel while they moved forces to the Antarctic HQ. He decided to raid Ogel's Mountain Fortress, as it would allow him to determine how well defended it was. He found that its defenders were reasonably powerful. He also was attacked by one of Ogel's new weapons- an Ice Orb Missile. As a result, Magma was forced to withdraw.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Magma's engineering and technology skills are exceptional, but when he doesn't solve a problem by tech, he tends to resort to brute force using his Blizzard Blaster or whatever other weapons are available to him. He is a good fighter, and good at secret missions, which is why he currently works for Alpha Team as a black ops agent.

Magma has a strict sense of personal right and wrong, and has the power to act on it. He used to be horrible at working with others outside of a small team, but being a senior Special Agent means he has had to quickly learn command skills. These skills are improving gradually. Still, he has few friends, but those who he does call friends are people he has fought alongside, and would fight to the death for.

He also believes that the end justifies the means, at least in most cases. There are some lines he refuses to step across. But in order to beat evil, there is very little he would refuse to do, even ally with a lesser evil.

Trivia Edit

  • Magma is TakunuvaC01's primary Alpha Team character in the Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand.
  • Magma was TC01's primary character in the previous Alpha Team RPG as well, but his personality and skills have been changed from those times.

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