Mythic is the codename of an Elite Alpha Team Agent who is a talented historian and pilot.


Mythic started out as a government record keeper, entrusted to log down any information that would probably be needed in the future. When Alpha Team was formed, he was transferred to work as a record keeper on the Sattelite HQ, learning information that was reserved for the eyes of only Elite Agents and record keepers like himself. Years later, in A.D. 2008, Mythic actually joined as an agent of Alpha Team, and began his training as a Rookie Agent. During his training, he showed great prowess for piloting his Chill Speeder, amongst the other Rank 1 vehicles, as well as exceptional skill in marksmanship. However, he was undable to be promoted for a long while due to his clumsy-at-best hand-to-hand combat.

Near the beginning of Ogel's launch of his new master plan, Mythic was sent to destroy a small communications center inside the Goo Caverns, which monitored the Abyss sector of the caverns and a small part of Sector 14. He traveled to the mountians above that sector of the caverns from the Mountain Base in his X-1 Snowbot Defender and then descended into the comm center through a cramped tunnel. He dropped from the exit of the tunnel and used an Ice Drone's saw blade to fight off the worker drones who operated the comm. center, but was nearly killed by an Ice Drone who managed to get the weapon out of Mythic's hands. However, a quick punching of buttons on an orb deactivator caused the drones in the room to vanish and the Evil Orb that kept them spellbound to be rendered useless. Moments later, Mythic used the comm. center's controls to divert a lava flow from Sector 14 into the comm. center, and then tore through the tunnel he came down through using a stolen Sky Spider.

To be continued...

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