An Orb Missile is a new weapon invented by Evil Ogel in 2008, after his return. It carries an Evil Orb, which is released when the missile strikes its target.


Many of Ogel's vehicles are designed to carry Orbs around, or project them at targets. While in hiding, Ogel realized that this was inefficient, as if the vehicle was destroyed the Orbs would not reach their target. He resolved to develop a fast and cheap delivery platform that would be more efficient.

After he emerged from hiding, Ogel began to put the plans for the Orb Missile into production. Ogel created normal missiles that contained an Orb capsule instead of a normal payload. This capsule would be released when the missile struck its target, activating the Orb. These missiles were fast, and therefore could not be shot down as easy as a Snow Crawler (or other similar vehicles).

Alpha Team first encountered them when Special Agent Magma was carrying out a raid of Ogel's Mountain Fortress. Ogel had upgraded the Mountain Fortress with an arsenal of Ice Orb Missiles. His henchmen on duty there chose to test them out on Magma's Blizzard Blaster. A sufficient quantity of missiles, plus continuous attacks by a wing of Snow Crawlers, knocked out the Blizzard Blaster's thermal shielding and forced Magma to withdraw. This battle was the first time the Orb Missiles were used in combat, and Ogel was pleased that his creations had succeeded.

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