Sting is an Alpha Team Elite Agent, a skilled pilot, and a close friend of Special Agent Magma's.


Joining Alpha TeamEdit

Sting was always interested in flying, and always wanted to be a pilot. He also wanted to help stop evil, and so at first considered joining the military, but when Evil Ogel rose in 2001, he enrolled in Alpha Team instead. He began training in late 2001, after Ogel had already been driven from Ogel Island. The conflict was moving underwater, and so Sting learned how to pilot submarines as well. However, by the time he finished his training, Ogel had been driven into hiding. The war underwater was still going on, though, so Sting was assigned there.

A Pilot UnderwaterEdit

He was assigned to a "clean-up team" charged with making sure all of Ogel's bases and armies were completely defeated. Sting's team also consisted of new agents Magma and Shark- his work underwater proved to be the beginning of a long friendship that lasts to this day. One of his team's missions involved fighting an army of Sea Drones and Ice Drones (led by a Super Sea Drone) from producing Ice Orbs underwater. Sting and the others defeated the Super Sea Drone and destroyed their Ice Orb factory.

Through the course of this and a handful of other missions, Sting found out that even underwater, he was one of Alpha Team's better pilots.

Eventually, when Ogel's fortress was discovered in Antarctica, the team's time operating underwater came to an end. Magma was sent there first; soon after, Sting, Shark, and the rest of the underwater team was assigned there as well.

Mission Deep FreezeEdit

To be continued...

Rescuing DukeEdit

In 2008, Magma, who was now leading Alpha Team's operation against Ogel, received word that Rookie Agent Duke had apparently been captured by Ogel in one of his undersea fortresses. Another Rookie Agent, Knight, was going to rescue him. Magma, however, didn't trust the operation to a single rookie and so decided to send Shark and Sting on this mission. The two agents took Sub-Surface Scooters and travelled to join Knight. Together, the three agents broke into what appeared to be one of Ogel's structures underwater and rescued Duke there. They then returned him to AT's Island HQ.

However, things were not as they seemed. The base had in fact been a trap, set up by the Agents Defense Organization, in order to learn the location of Ogel's true base. Even capturing Duke had been part of that trap. Needless to say, the Agents were not pleased that Shark, Sting, and Knight had destroyed the trap, and so Agent Captain Slick came to complain. Slick wanted Shark, Sting, and Knight disciplined; Alpha Team had no intention of doing so and ignored Slick's complaints.

After this incident, Magma, who was pleased that his friends had managed to annoy the Agents, not to mention the fact that they had rescued Duke, put Sting and Shark in for a promotion. Their promotion was approved by Dash, who was also happy to disregard the Agents' complaints.

Siege of Ogel's Mountain FortressEdit

To be continued... as it happens in the RPG.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Sting is a skilled pilot. He can fly almost anything, and is almost as adept piloting submarines as he is aircraft. Sting is also a good fighter and loyal to his allies. His goal in a fight is not just to win but to make sure his come out of the battle alive. And he's a friendly person, and would probably call at least half of Alpha Team agents his friends.

For the most part, Sting prefers to react to situations. While he doesn't really like the Agents, especially after the incident with Duke and the fake Ogel's Undersea Base, before that he was more optimistic about them than most AT members.

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